Unusual Mercy

A Call to Mercy is look into the inspiring life of Mother Theresa and contains many of the writings of this inspiring church leader.  The author does an excellent job of helping the reader see how extraordinary this women’s life was lived.  Her faith in God was abundant, and her love for others was extravagant.  This is an excellent read on practical mission work, meeting people’s needs, and trusting in God.


Effortless Healing is Effortless Reading

Effortless Healing by Joseph Mercola is the simplest health improvement book I have ever read! The author uses his vast experience to break down health transformation into simple to use steps.  The reader can use this information at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed.  I, personally, have seen improvement in my own health by using only 2-3 steps in the book.  This is a must read for anyone with health problems!

The Master of Productivity

In Chris Bailey’s Productivity Project, the author explores a multitude of strategies to increase one’s time accomplishing the most meaningful tasks in work and at home.  This book is a must read for anyone who struggles with time management.  This explores strategies that deal with maintenance tasks, meditation, caffeine consumption, wake times, and much more.  The author compiles all his findings in a thoroughly entertaining

Nuts for Whole Coconut

The Whole Coconut by Nathalie Fraise is an excellent source for life giving recipes.  Anyone with food related health challenges should pick up this book.The recipes are simple to execute, but I would have liked to see pictures of every dish.  All in all, I was well pleased with this book.

A Clean Answer to a Messy Problem

Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach fearlessly tackles the problem of how the church should respond to the LGBT community.  Kaltenbach provides a solution that displays the love of Christ without compromising the Bible’s stance on homosexuality.  While the topic of this book is specific to LGBT debate,  the logic carries over to any people group that one can encounter.  Excellent book!!!

Renovate Your Thinking

Renovate by Leonce B. Crump Jr. is a compelling read on investing in your local community.  More than that, it is a commentary on how we need to change the way we think about those around us.  The author challenges us to take investment to a more intimate level.  Despite theological differences with the author, this book challenged the way I think about urban ministry.

Sun Stands Still

Sun Stands Still is an inspiring book dealing with the power of prayer.  The author centers his book around Joshua’s
prayer that asks God stop the sun in the sky so the Israelite army can win a battle.  Just as Joshua prayed for something that seemed impossible, the reader is encourage to pray for things that require faith.  Sun Stands Still is an excellent read for anyone looking to expand their prayer life.  This book asks the reader to pray big prayers to a big God.

limitless motivation

Limitless was a collection of inspiring stories that encourage the reader to overcome all obstacles by relying on the power of God. The author speaks of the challenges of being born with no arms or legs and how God has used him to influence a multitude of people. The reader gets first hand accounts of the authors struggles and victories. This book motivates the reader to look past the challenges we all face and trust in the knowledge that we are all wonderfully made in the image of God.

Humble Orthodoxy

*Humble Orthodoxy* by Joshua Harris points a finger at Christians’ “in your face” attitude toward sharing biblical beliefs.  The author nails it right on the head by stating that Christ calls us to humbly stand up for what we believe.  All to often, Christians either go with the theological flow or fight anyone who has a different view point.  This book does an excellent job of show the need for humility in the sharing of our views, and Harris backs his arguments with plenty of scripture. I enjoyed this book immensely.

A Radical Review

David Platt’s book The Radical Question/A Radical Idea is a no-holds barred look at the state of the American Christian church. Is it right for churches to worship in multi-million dollar church buildings while other Christians in third world countries can barely put food on the table or lack clean drinking water? This is an example of a challenging dilemma that Platt poses in this book. This book asks Christians everywhere if they are leading the lifestyle Jesus Christ modeled for us in the bible. If you are looking to take your relationship with Christ to a new level, then this book is a must read.